Friday, December 11, 2015

School Holidays - Lice Free for Kids

Head Lice Treatment for Kids
Parents book appointment now for your children before entering school.
Some schools are strict enough with "Lice Free" policy screening each newly board.
Screen your children and consult us if needed.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Head Lice Treatment - December 2015

Lice Ninja Melawati - Malaysia's No 1 Head Lice Treatment Center

Head Lice Treatment - December 2015

04122015 Special case today for a 'special' child whom has suffered head lice for quite some time. The mother has tried by various methods and lice medications yet problem still persist.

Both visited us today for an immediate lice clearance.

04122015 Kes hari ini khas untuk adik ‘special’ yang telah lama menderita kutu rambut. Si ibu telah berusaha dengan pelbagai cara, kaedah serta ubatan namun serangan kutu masih tidak dapat dibendung. Mujur si ibu tidak berputus asa untuk dapatkan khidmat dari kami.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Lice Comb For Sale at our Online Store.

Single Treatment using LouseBuster to kill Head Lice, Nymphs, Nits & Eggs.

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Head Lice Treatment in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Head Lice Treatment by Lice Ninja Melawati

Services Offered - Head Lice Treatment at our Saloon

Treatment done by using LouseBuster

Followed by Manual Combing

Our Charges
Men / BoysRM80Nett
Women / Girls
RM100 (Short)
RM130 (Medium)
RM150 (Long)
Hair Thickness
+RM30 (Adults)
+RM20 (Children)
+RM30 (Adults)
+RM20 (Children)
> 2 Hours Treatment+RM30

Tired of manually removing head lices from your kids?

Have you been removing head lices for a month only to find that they are still there?

Do you know that there is a faster, easier and surer way to get these head lices and nits off for good?

At Lice Ninja Melawati, we are dedicated to help. Using our Lousebuster machine from Larada Sciences, we can get rid of the head lices and its nits for you and your whole family. The treatment is safe and can be used for everyone above the age of 4. For younger children, we can still do a manual removal service.

With proper protection and care, you may not have to bother about another head lice attack again.
We have been through it, cured it, and now let us help you. Trust us when we say, after the treatment, you will feel the difference.

Our location is at Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur. Call now to make an appointment.

Lice Ninja Melawati
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Head Lice Products

Lice Ninja Melawati

Our Products Offered

Lice Ninja Melawati - Lice Cream - Lice Metal Comb - Lice Plastic Comb

For those who are interested to do a manual removal, we provide you with an option to do so. Feel free to make a purchase of our items. From head lice combs to head lice creams, you may also find head lice repellent here at Lice Ninja Melawati.

To learn more about each products or to make an online purchase, kindly click on the desired items:

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Head Lice Common Questions in Malaysia

What is head lice?

It's a small, greyish brown insect that lives on human hair.

What do lice feed on?

It bites onto the scalp to feed on human blood.

Will head lice die if it falls from your hair?

Actually, it can still survive up to 2 days if it falls on the floor or anywhere else.

How do you differentiate between lice egg and dandruff?

Nit or lice egg is sometimes mistaken as dandruff at first glance. But dandruff is actually the flaking of the scalp and is easy to remove, whereas nit is much harder and more persistent, as it is firmly attached to the hair shaft.

How long does it take for a nit to hatch?

Lice egg usually takes up to 10 days to hatch, and an additional week to become an adult lice.

How many eggs can a female lice lay?

Up to 7 nits per day.

Is Head Lice dangerous?

It doesn't really spread disease, but it does cause itching and may lead to skin irritation or even rashes.

Can Head Lice jump from head to head?

No, Head Lice crawls. It can't jump, and it doesn't have wings to fly.

Can you get Head Lice from pets or other animals?

No, you can't.

Then how does Head Lice spread to another person?

From close, head-to-head contact with an infected person. Another possible way is by sharing personal items like hairbrush, blanket, or pillow, with someone who has hair lice.

What are the complications of having hair lice?

Apart from the uncontrollable itchiness and a feeling of self embarassment that often leads to low self esteem, some schools even go through the measures of having a “No Nit Policy." This means that unless the student is free of any lice egg, that student may not attend school.

What should I do if my kids have hair lice ?

If it's not many, you can still do a manual removal by using lice comb. But if the problem is severe, doing a manual removal might prove futile. It is advisable to get professional help for lice treatment if your child's symptom becomes worse. Contact Lice Ninja Melawati for assistance.